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Can I earn $100 monthly from blogging with adsense

Can I earn $100 monthly from blogging? I am using and monetized  with adsense.

What only $100 monthly I think you’re kidding. I don’t know who you are a male or a female but anyone can make money using - Create a unique and beautiful blog. It’s easy and free. I’m a Blogger user I don’t like paid services like Wordpress and I do not feel very good when some website owners say that you need a premium website to make money through your blog.
  1. Is that any problem with blogger. No, there isn’t any problem with blogger.
  2. You can make $500 a day with blogspot blogs.
  3. I have hundreds of blogspot blogs and I monetize them with Google Adsense account.
  4. And yes I got my Google Adsense Account approval from a blogspot domain in September, 2015.
I also get anxious about making money with blogger because everybody said that “you must have a premium Wordpress website to make money” because they have good Search Engine Optimization and blah blah other most useful stuff. Don’t listen to these rumours and get your ass on blogger and work, work and work.
The best thing in blogger is that it’s too easy you don’t have to learn web development related stuff and of course you don’t need to know the basics of
  • HTML5,
  • CSS and
  • JavaScript.
You can see how my few blogspot blog’s make hundreds of $$ daily.
I only write this answer because there are many people who can’t afford to invest money in building a blog. So don’t worry people blogger is there for you. Make your own blog, write what you know about and then start making money online.

tricks google adsence

  1. Yes, you can earn $100 with any monetization tool. However the amount of time it takes to earn relies on a few things:

  • How much traffic you get.
  • How much content you have.
  • How targeted your adverts are to your visitors.
  • How much advertisers are paying in that particular topic.

  • As a general guide, you can expect maybe $2–5 cpm ($2–5 per 1,000 visitors) if your topic isn’t very targeted and you don’t have previous experience in writing and earning online.

Earning from AdSense depends upon many factors and you can make more than your target if you choose a paying niche and work hard on the blog. Avoid what Google does not want you to do, e.g. click on ads yourself.

If your blog is very new, and it is based in India, you will have to wait for six months before they approve the blog for AdSense.

Of course you can, your revenue from blog is directly proportional to efforts you put in to reach maximum people with your article.
  • To brief on this, all I can say is that you ought be regularly active in this race. Just like you and me there millions of people in this race and billions of platforms servings ads and various other medium of monetization.
    You can earn more than $100 monthly, but yeah that amount won’t come easy. Again it’s not a rocket science to achieve this. I’m sure you can do this.
    Quick notes:
    1. Make sure you have appealing & engaging content.
    2. Plan your work in a way that your readers wait for more and also seek your opinion for their questions.
    3. Design matters a lot, make sure you have a reader-friendly pages and easy navigation would be amazing to roam around your blog.
    4. Not too many ads- Trace your blog’s data from Google Analytics/Google Adsense and decide which part of your blog gets maximum views and based on that you can place a maximum of 2 ads per page.
    5. Keep experimenting with ad placements, that’s a great way to fine tune your earning(s).
    6. If you implement other medium(s) of monetization, make sure you manage it well and make your readers feel need for a adblocker for their PCs.
    I hope I’ve answered your question the way you expected it to be answered. Do let me know if i can help you any further on this.
    All the best for your future !!

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