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How do I increase RPM (CPM) in Adsense

How do I increase RPM (CPM) in Adsense?

In general, much of this is out of your hands, however there certainly are some things you can do to increase your revenue. The niche you are in often determines much of the quality of your ads.
First off, RPM really isn’t the best way to measure earning. Using something like EPMV (earnings per thousand visitors) is a more effective way. In the end, I am guessing what you really care about is increasing revenue (because you can increase your RPM and still make less revenue - and vice-versa).
That being said, there are some things you can do to increase your site’s earnings without too complex of work (in addition to the obvious answers of working to increase the number of visitors, speeding up your site and improving content)
  1. Optimize low-hanging fruit keywords: Go to Google Search Console -> Search Traffic -> Search Analytics. Look at the keywords that are bringing in traffic. Figure out which URL is ranking for those keywords by searching for them in Google. Add that particular keywords a couple times (not a lot) in places like titles and subtitles (H2 and H3). Add images and use that keyword in the alt text. This is particular helpful for keywords that are on page 2 of Google. This is a relatively easy way to increase traffic.
  2. Make sure all categories are enabled: Within Adsense, go to Allow & Block Ads -> Check the General Categories and Sensitive Categories tabs and see if you have categories disabled. Enabling more, might bring more valuable ads.
  3. Adsense Optimization tab: Within Adsense, select Optimization. Check both the Opportunities and Labs to see if there are any you can try. You can also select the Experiments tab and run experiments (however, there is a MUCH better way to do this - see below #5)
  4. HTML Improvements: Within Google Search Console, go to Search Appearance -> HTML improvements. Fix any of these issues, as this is Google directly telling you what they think should be fixed.
  5. Use AI (This is the fastest and simplest method) — use the power of artificial intelligence to test different variations of ad and theme layouts on your site to determine mathematically what combination brings in the most revenue and improves the user experience.
There are different platforms for this, such as Ezoic (someone else here mentioned as well), which automates the entire process (of both increasing revenue and user experience) and, best of all, it is free (you allow them to put one ad at the bottom of your page, but because of the AI testing still end up making much more). It is rather easy to get your site accepted.
I have used Ezoic on 3 of my sites and increased revenues overall by 70%, 240% and 125%.
Here are a couple screenshots from different layout/ad experiments on 2 of my sites comparing the revenue and performance vs my original Adsense account:

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